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23 years old, Singapore
"Your products really work wonders. Lost 6kg in 1 month! Really love it!"
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"Your products are so amazing! Really helps as I have poor digestion. Lost a total of 12kg from Drim!"
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Elaine L.
27 years old, Australia

Drim's top selling products

Drim Coffee

A flavorful blend reminiscent of Nescafe 3in1, crafted to perfection. Enjoy its rich taste while experiencing the benefits of fat burning, appetite suppression, metabolism boost, and heightened energy levels—all in one satisfying cup.

Drim passion

A refreshing & delicious passion fruit drink that reduces bloating, flattens the stomach and detoxifies. Experience its skin-enhancing and liver-protecting benefits—a perfect balance of flavor and wellness in every sip.

Drim Cocoa

A luxurious hot chocolate experience that rivals your favorite cocoa indulgence. Revel in its rich taste while harnessing the benefits of fat burning, curbing appetite, enhancing metabolism, and providing a revitalizing energy boost.

Drim Lychee

A delectable lychee jelly that reduces bloating, while flattening the stomach, and detoxifying. Feel the nourishing effects on your skin and enjoy the protective benefits for your liver with every blissful bite.

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drim's guiltless Cookies

guiltless Drim Butter Cookies

Guiltless Drim Butter Cookies are not your typical healthy snacks. They taste just like classic butter cookies but contain only 45 calories per cookie. Now, enjoy your favorite treat guilt-free anytime you're hungry, snacking, or craving something sweet.

guiltless Drim Chocolate Cookies

Guiltless Drim Chocolate Cookies go beyond the usual healthy snacks. With the decadent flavor of classic chocolate cookies and just 45 calories per cookie, indulge guilt-free whenever hunger strikes or you're craving something sweet.

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Drim focuses on developing safe and effective products that will transform your life. With Drim, you can be sure to achieve your weight loss goal. Our product will help you lose weight safely while making you more energetic and vibrant.

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